Patient Information

Patient Information

Serving Families in Sudbury, ON & Beyond

Thank you for choosing Dr. Paul Kyle and his team for all of your orthodontic needs. Located in Sudbury, ON, our practice is proud to help members of the entire family improve their smile. We have years of experience in orthodontics and utilize the latest, most advanced equipment. At our orthodontist office, we strive to accommodate your needs. We value your time and are more than flexible when scheduling appointments.

Our Advantages

  Free Keurig coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  X-box gaming center
  Open, spacious clinic area
  Interest free payment plans
  In office lab

  Text, telephone and email system to remind patients of their appointments
  Computer check-in system to let us know when you arrive
  Patient Rewards
  No referrals necessary

Helpful Tips

Your New Braces

Congratulations on your new braces! After the placement of braces, it is normal for your teeth to be sore for about 3-7 days. To minimize discomfort, you can use Ibuprofen products, such as Advil or Motrin, as needed. Some irritation to your cheeks or lips is also normal, and wax can be used to counter it. If you feel anything sharp or poking, contact our office at (705) 675-1171. For emergencies during after hours or on weekends, please follow the instructions on our answering machine.

Brushing Tips

Brush thoroughly after each meal and snack
Use a soft bristled toothbrush
Braces can wear out a toothbrush quickly, replace as needed
Brush around all parts of your braces and all tooth surfaces


Dr. Kyle may advise you to wear elastics. The elastics help straighten your teeth by putting pressure on them. When elastics are first worn, there may be some discomfort because of the added pressure.


Wear elastics full time unless otherwise instructed. Take them off to eat and brush.
If you run out of elastics, visit our office for more.


Now that your braces have been removed, the second half of your treatment begins. This is called the retention phase. This phase is just as important as wearing braces. Patients need to wear a retainer once their braces are removed. The retainer is worn to hold your teeth in their new position, ultimately preserving your investment and keeping your teeth from shifting. Make sure that you follow the protocol that Dr. Kyle and his staff have discussed with you. Dr. Kyle will follow you for the next two years. Please bring your retainer to every appointment. Wearing your retainer as instructed will ensure you maintain that confident smile you have achieved!

Visit our Smile Gallery and contact us today at (705) 675-1171 or text us at (705) 910-1357 to schedule an appointment!